Thursday, January 21, 2010

Pro-Choice/Pro-Life Misalignment

It strikes me with increasing frequency that there is such difficulty in the discussion of abortion because each side is seeing the other differently than that side sees themselves. Therefore, when one side makes an accusation, the other side become more defensive than is warranted because of misunderstanding. It's like two people trying to communicate without a common language.

What I see is that the "Pro-Life" side treats the "Pro-Choice" side as is they were blatantly Anti-Life. Conversely, the "Pro-Choice side treats the "Pro-Life" side as if it were Anti-Choice. Each side is working from basic assumptions, their foundation, but not taking the time to understand the foundation of the other side. They each subconsciously operate as if the other side were just a confused version of them.

The Pro-Choice side is concerned about the woman's freedom which seems to them to be threatened. The Pro-Life side reacts as if the Pro-Choice side is sitting around in meeting rooms making a list of more fun ways to kill babies.

The Pro-Life side is concerned with protecting the life of unborn babies, which seems to them to be threatened. The Pro-Choice side reacts as if the Pro-Life side were sitting around in meetings thinking of ways to chain women and bar them from all decisions.

Neither of these are true, so it's inappropriate to act as if they are. Better communication and less yelling would go a long ways.

Personally, (as you may have guessed) I favor the Pro-Life side. I believe that from conception there exists life in the mothers womb, and that any intentional destruction of that life is immoral because the preservation of life must supersede everything else.

I am obviously not going to turn down a changing of the law, but I feel that the law is not the most fruitful change that can be made. Making abortion illegal would put abortion clinics out of business, but wouldn't it be better if they went out of business because no one wanted abortions anymore? Then we wouldn't even need to bother with a law.

The March for Life in DC is a great thing, but I feel that we ought to be equally, if not more focused on reaching out to the people, not just the government; focused on changing hearts and minds as well as votes.

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  1. I agree with you on this Kelly. Too much arguing and we begin not too hear one another. Both sides are focusing on the problem, but not the symptoms.


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