Thursday, December 23, 2010


There is a precious stillness that we are rarely able to enjoy. It is there behind all the commercials, the shopping, the travel and everything else that is representative of Christmastime. That precious stillness is there waiting to be savored. It won't call out in catchy tones, it won't have flashy lights and signs or seem special at all and yet it is exactly the absence of those things that makes it special. It is there for the enjoyment and all we have to do is pause a moment and we can have more than we need.

I don't know what the weather will be like on Christmas Day wherever you are. For most of us it won't be snow, but that's okay. The world doesn't need a quiet, white blanket to be beautiful. It is more beautiful than most of us ever take the time to notice and it will be especially so this Saturday the 25th.

I honor Christmas day as the day Christ was born and believe that He is the source of the beauty and precious stillness that I am talking about but even if you are wary of over-theologizing it and would prefer it to be just a day of joy and familial charity, that's fine. Still, take time to pause, look around and appreciate the world we have. I promise you that it's much better than we've been daily led to believe.

Merry Christmas.